When To Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

The kitchen cabinets will become worn and broken in due course of time. They like every other object have a definite life span. So they would need to be replaced in such conditions. Let’s take a look at those conditions when replacement is the only option and repair will not do-
• When the cabinets are affected by water, fire, mold, or pests, it is time to replace them. You may see wood starting to warp. The cabinets will bubble both inside and outside. Outside surface of the cabinet would also start delaminating. You may reface and repaint them to cut down on cost. But you have to replace them anytime soon when they lose their integrity.
• Sometimes the cabinets emit moist, musty, and gross smell. The smell generally comes when the cabinets are affected by molds. Kitchen being one of the quarters where water is constantly used, stay moist at most times. As a result the dark and moist regions of the kitchen are susceptible to mold growth. The colony of these microbial beings start spreading everywhere in the kitchen including your cabinets. They give a very pungent smell and do a structural damage to your cabinets. It better to replace them in such condition as they makes it difficult for you to stay in the kitchen and are unhygienic for health.

• If your cabinets are made from cheap materials, replace them if you can afford it now or wait for some time to save some money for it. New cabinets, if they ae made of durable materials, can take up 50 percent of your total kitchen renovation budget. But a functional cabinet can make world of difference to your kitchen.

• Old cabinets often become non-functional. They open wrongly. The drawers get stuck. They make screeching sound when you open them. This is a symptom of a greater damage that lies beneath. It is better to replace the cabinet ASAP.
• Some cabinets do not offer your enough ease in using them. For example, they ae hard to access. They would require removing items at the font to reach other items tucked in the back. You can replace them. But you can wait such replacements for some time until you have enough money.

• Sometimes the cabinet box is such shape that it becomes impossible to re-drill new holes or mount new hinges. It cannot support new doors. In that case replace the cabinet box as well.
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