What Should Not Be Thrown Down The Drains?

When you throw something in your household drains, you don’t think about them again. But these can invite lots of problems in your household pipes, septic systems as well as municipal sewer lines. And when these find their way into your lakes, rivers, and oceans they can cause irretrievable damage to the marine ecosystem and their inhabitants. Here are a few things that you should never throw into the drains-
• Debris such as sand, mud, slit, gravel
• Cat litter and seashells
• Caustic chemicals
• Cigarette butts; these are not biodegradable and can destroy the septic system
• Clay such as modelling clay: these can get into the grinder pump and clog them
• Strips of clothes
Clothes dryer sheets; these are used to make you clothes smell nicer. The chemical composition of these is not strong enough to damage you septic system. But they will float with solid waste and scum. But the synthetic fabric present in them may not break down and clog the septic tank inlet.
Coffee grounds; these can clog sewage pumps
Condoms; these may not clog the pipes as they are of modest size, but they will join the solid waste and will be will be removed at the next tank pump-out. In case the septic tank outlet tee baffles are missing, it can clog the drain field later. If these reach the oceans, the marine lives can choke on them.
Cotton swabs; although found in trivial amount, they can clog the pump impeller, septic pump, grind pump and cause expensive pump damage or motor burnout.
Dental floss and any string or cord can also clog grinder pump and effluent pumps.
Decreasing solvents
Diapers , disposable wipes, sanitary napkins, paper towels, pantry liners, and tampons can clog a septic system or a building drains
Explosive or flammable materials
Glass or glass fragments
Grease waste, cooking fat, lard, and oil etc.
Metal shavings, hair clippings, plastic bags, plastic or metallic scraps, sticks such as toothpicks
Any other solid, semi-solid objects that do not dissolve readily in water
Produce stickers
Conventional cleaning products
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