What Does A Sump Pump Do?

Usually a sump pump is hidden at the most invisible corner of your home but most often it becomes the most useful appliance in your home. The main function of the sump pump is to remove ground water from underneath the house. Mostly a sump pump sits inside a pit that is built into the crawl space or basement of a house. When water flows into that pit, it is the sump pump that ejects the water out of the house. A sump pump has a switch that gets activated automatically depending on the water level in the pit. When there is water in the basement of the house, it flows down to the pit and immediately the pump gets activated and the water is discharged out of the house.
The types of sump pump include the pedestal pump, the submersible pump, the ejector pumps, and the sewage pumps. An important thing that needs to be mentioned about sump is that they work without fail and they work automatically. However, if these sump pumps had to be operated manually, the chances of failure are a lot higher. The two most common types of switches that activate a sump pump are the float activated and the pressure activated. The float activated switch is the most common one. In case of a float activated switch there is a floating device with a tilt sensor inside the pit. Whenever the float rises to a pre-set level, the pump gets activated and all the water is removed from the fit. On the other hand in case of a pressure activated switch whenever the water goes above the sensor, the pump is activated.
Usually the sump pumps in a house are operated with the help of electric power and the pumps empties water with the help of a discharge pipe or a hose. However, the moment the sump pump is able to empty water till a certain level the motor is turned off.

However, like all other appliances sump pumps also fail often after a point of time. In most cases sump pumps have a life span of seven years. Some of the common problems faced by sump pumps include the drain pipes becoming clogged with debris or root intrusion. It is a good idea to always monitor the float activation and water in the pit should not be so high that it gets back to the drain tiles. Another important factor that you ought to keep in mind is that sump pump operates only with the help of electricity and so it is important that some alternative source of power should be arranged so that a sump pump operates even in case of power failure.

Last but not the least, always keep in mind that sump pump is an emergency appliance of your home and so it is important that you test it at regular intervals so that it functions properly, when you need it the most.
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