Various Systems Of Garbage Disposal

Disposing garbage is one of the biggest issues at home. Improper disposal of garbage ends up clogging the kitchen drain. Here we will take look at the various systems of garbage disposals.

In-sink garbage disposals –

Solid wastes from the kitchen that collect during the preparation of food, clean-up after a meal, washing plates, pots, and pans manually in the sink, have to be disposed appropriately. Otherwise they can end up in your kitchen drain. You will encounter a back-flowing drain. A plumber is generally called to remove the clog with a plunger or a drain snake etc. To prevent this garbage disposal systems fitted in sinks are very handle. These work on very simple principle. They have a flat plate with small, rotating steel mashers, and an inner disposal wall that has “teeth”. These are there to grind and masticate your food waste. A motor is there to make the whole thing work. There are two types of in-sink garbage disposal system.
Continuous feed disposal: This system continues to run the moment you switch it on. The garbage disposal remains open throughout the process. If you have to dispose a considerable amount of waste, this is a suitable option. They are also cheaper. The flip side of this model is that as they run continuously, you can accidentally get your finger hurt. If you end up throwing a spoon or a similar object in it, it can cause considerable damage. It will take some time before you put it off. They also consume more water.

Batch feed disposals: Although these are more expensive than continuous feed disposal, they are worth the cost. They come with a stopper. After the solid food waste falls into it, you have to put the cover or stopper to enable the machine to start its function. This lessens the chances of accident. It is not suitable for houses that have to dispose a large quantity of food waste. It can be installed easily within a home.

Dishwasher Garbage Disposals

Some modern models of dishwasher also have garbage disposal units integrated with them. These are meant to grind the food wastes that accumulate after the plates are washed. Otherwise, you may be able to connect your dishwasher to your sink garbage disposal.
In case, your garbage disposal system is showing signs of malfunctions, call a plumber. There aren’t many parts in a disposal that you can or should service yourself. Last but not the least, never put your hands near the opening while it is running. It can badly injure your fingers. You can pour lemon rinds in your disposal system to avoid odor.
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