Top Reasons For Using A Dishwasher

• It saves both time and effort that is spent in the thankless job of washing dishes.

• It also saves water as dishwasher recycles and reuses some amount of used water. If you wash your dishes manually under running water, twelve liters of water go down the drain every two minutes. A dishwasher uses 12 liters of water during a normal cycle.
• It also saves energy as the hot water that the dishwasher uses for washing plates is heated inside the unit itself. When cleaning dishes manually, you usually get the hot water from the central heating system or water heater, where lot of energy is lost in the transit.

• They are more hygienic as water at a higher temperature is used to clean your dishes. Using such water to clean plates manually may scald you palms. Dishwasher detergents are also stronger than manual ones. But the former is also more expensive.
• They spare you from chipped nails, rough skin of the hand, which are usually contracted due to washing dishes manually.

• They give you clutter-free kitchen sink.
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