Slab Leaks

Do you know what a slab leak is? It is simply water leaks below the concrete slab. Before you can reach to any kind of conclusion it is important that you understand the causes of slab leak, find out the ways of detecting a slab leak, the methods to find the place of the leak, and also you need to know the reasons as in why slab leaks could be pretty dangerous. It needs to be mentioned here that it is important to catch a slab leak quite early because if not detected at the right time it will cause potential damage to your property and also you will have to bear a high repair cost.

There are a few indications that you need to look for in order to understand that there is a slab leak. They are the following:
• A constant sound of running water when all the water is turned off
• A hot spot on the floor indicates a leakage in the hot water line.
• You might even see cracks in the walls or the flooring
• At the same time when you find mildew or moisture below your carpets, it is an indication that there is a slab leak in your property.
• Lastly, high water bills could also indicate a slab leak
Thus, when you see all these symptoms you should become a little cautious and check for slab leaks. However, let us now have a look at some of the prominent causes of slab leak. Some of the common causes of slab leak are the following:

As years by the weight of your home takes a toll and starts creating pressure on the ground it was built upon. This in turn leads to settling and ground shift and in case the shift is significant enough it will create pressure on the water lines which in turn might lead to cracks and leaks.

Faulty wrapping of the wires is another cause that creates the problem of slab leak. Usually it is seen that the places of the wires which are not wrapped properly suffers from cracks.

Nicked line on the other hand is also another factor that leads to slab leaks.

Lastly, when the copper of the pipes react with the minerals present in the soil, an electrical reaction takes place. The result is that the pipes are eroded and a time comes when cracks develop in the slabs.
It is true that it is imperative to take immediate action during instances of slab leaks but that does not mean a complete dismantling of your property. There is no point dismantling the property just to find the leak. Rather, the process of leak detection is a thorough process that requires experience and technical expertise. In recent times it is possible to detect slab leaks with modern tools and methods like electronic amplification equipment, and electromagnetic pipeline locators. Some of the repair options for slab leak include spot repair, repipe or reroute, and epoxy pipe coating.
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