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Did you know that a sink strainer is an important feature of your kitchen plumbing? The perforated metal cap of the strainer cup allows water to pass through it while other bigger particles are prevented from going down the drain so that there is no build of debris and clogging of the drain. The most important benefit of a sink strainer is that is that it prevents the damage of the pipe and also stops smaller utensils from going down the drain. In fact, the screen sometimes can do a great job by preventing rings and bracelets from going down the drain. So you need to choose your sink strainer with precision.
Always keep in mind that whenever you are choosing a sink strainer, its functionality must get prime importance. However, most of the new sinks come along with a strainer fitted but in case your sink does not have a strainer attached you can always buy a sink strainer separately. If you are thinking whether a strainer will fit your sink or not, then there is no reason to worry because they have a standard fit and so all strainers will perfectly fit into the opening of the mouth of the sink and the drainpipe. In fact, ultimately the choice of the sink strainer to a large extent depends on personal preference.
There are different kinds of sink strainers available of various prices. Hence, you can choose the one that fits your requirement and budget. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that if you are buying a good quality and durable sink strainer it will last you a life-time. Expert plumbers recommend that it is always a better idea to buy sink strainers that are corrosion resistant and are made from good quality stainless steel.

When you are purchasing a sink strainer separately, always keep in mind that the material of which a strainer is made of plays an important role. For example, there are sink strainers that are made of plastic. The plastic sink strainers have a comparatively shorter life span. At the same time, sink strainers made of stainless steel has a longer life span and at the same time it is quite easier to maintain strainers made of stainless steel. There are some people who like to have a sink strainer that is made of the same finishes as that of the other fixtures in the kitchen.
Usually, the price of a sink strainer is around $30 while there are various ranges of sink strainers available. For example, the price varies between $5 and $100 depending on its quality and functionality. Hence, you can buy the best fitting sink strainer for your kitchen.

Although the above rates are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.
There are three basic kinds of sink strainer. The back nut strainer, the double cup strainer, and the flange style strainer. As far as the installation of sink strainer is concerned it is done with ease by a plumber. However, if you are thinking of replacing a sink strainer, you may be able to do it yourself without help from a professional plumber.
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