Signs Of Leaky Pipes In The House

Leaks in water pipes of the houses are something that is quite familiar to most homeowners. Pipes leak due to an array of reasons such as old age, fluctuating water temperature, corrosion, clogs, bad workmanship of plumbers and many more. Galvanized pipes were mainly used in houses that were built before 1960. Modern houses have pipes made of plastic, PEX, copper etc. But no matter what material they are made of, they will break down from time to time. Pipes develop pinhole leaks which are difficult to detect at times. Leaky pipes in the walls and underground go undetected for years. In case you are experiencing rising water bills, then look out for symptoms of leakages in your water pipes-
• You may see a colony of mold and mildew on a wall that is not even close to the shower. This is a sure sign of a leaky pipe behind the wall. Dark areas which are moist are prime real estate for molds. As result an area hidden behind the walls that also has a pipe leaking water is perfect for molds to flourish. The leaky pipe makes the wall damp too. Consequently, the molds will start breeding on the wall too.

• If you get musty smell in the house then it is a symptom of standing water. Standing water breeds molds which generate this musty smell. Pool of water in the house is usually created by leaky pipes.
• When water gets between the wall and paint or the wall paper, it causes them to rise from its place. The bond between the wall and paint is destroyed by moisture. Moisture in walls comes usually from leaky pipes.

• If the leaking water reaches walls, ceiling or floor, then you will see stained and sagging ceilings walls and floors. Water will damage wooden flooring and stain the ceiling. Drywall exposed to moisture, becomes soft and begins to bubble. It cracks and falls in small chips on the floor. Moisture in the ceiling causes the ceiling to sag. Copper or dark stain on the ceiling is a sign of a water leak in the ceiling. Moisture will make the floor of the house to crack or begin to stain.
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