Septic Pumping

The hectic schedule of day-to-day life makes most of us negligent about the septic tank that’s doing its job at the backyard of the house. Truly, well-maintained septic tanks would not trouble you during your lifetime about repairs and replacements. But remember maintaining it is very important for trouble-free operation. And septic tank pumping is very important to ensure it. An entire overhaul on the wastewater disposal system will be very strenuous for your pockets. Before we discuss the benefits of septic tank pumping, let’s know how it works.
How septic tank works?

The waste that comes from your kitchen and bathroom reaches the septic tank. The solids in the waste either settle down at the bottom of the tank, also called sludge or float at the top, known as scum. The middle layer is composed of liquid or effluent that is passed on for an additional treatment process or is distributed to the soil absorption area, such as a sand mound through a drain field. If a septic tank is not pumped after three to five years then the sludge instead of settling down will move through the drain and clog the drain field. This is because as more sludge fills up the tank, there will be very less pace for the effluent. The water will be unable to stay in the tank for long and move through the drains. As result the solids in the water will not get enough time to settle down at the bottom. They will also move with water clogging the drain field. This will cause failure of the entire system. 50 percent of the solids retained in the tank decompose; the remainder accumulates in the tank. The un-decomposed waste creates the need of septic tank cleaning.
The frequency of pumping depends on several factors:

• capacity of septic tank,

• volume of wastewater, which depends on the size of the household

• amount of solids in the wastewater; if you have garbage disposer you will be producing more solids wastes

Here are the benefits of septic tank pumping at a glance

• Extended Life of the Septic tank

• Prevents clogging of the soil absorption area; clogging can cause wastewater backing up into the yard or the home.

• Septic tank will perform its job efficiently

• The septic tank and absorption area will dry out quickly if the wastewater can move smoothly without any clogs. As a result of this partially decomposed waste in the tank will fully break down in the absence of water.
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