Leaking Faucet

A dripping faucet is not only irritating because of the constant sound that it makes but also due to the stubborn stain that it leaves in the tub or shower. At the same time, a leaking faucet could be one of the causes of sky high water bills. However, there is no reason to worry much if you have a leaking faucet. This is because they are some easy fixes that can be accomplished even without the help of a plumber. But in order to fix a leaking faucet it is important that you are aware of the causes of a leaking faucet.

Thus, let us have a look at some of the common causes of a dripping faucet.
There may be several reasons behind a dripping faucet but one of the main causes is damaged parts. When you experience a constant drip from your faucet, you can almost be sure that you will have to replace a washer inside the faucet. It has been seen that the seals inside a compression faucet are most likely to be damaged because they are under a lot of pressure to keep the water flowing. However, the other kinds of faucets like the cartridge, drip, and ball faucets do not have washers so you will have to look for damage in the moving parts like the “O” rings, or damage to the inlet or the outlet seals.
Another reason of a leaking faucet is worn out cartridge. When the cartridge needs replacement you might experience a constant dripping from the faucet. However, it can be done quite easily when you get a matching cartridge which can fill in the gap that is left by the original cartridge. In fact, to ensure that you have the best fitted cartridge you will have to measure it both before and after removal.

At the same time, when you have too much of water pressure you might experience a leaking faucet. However, in such a case you will experience a leaking faucet only during certain parts of the day when the water pressure is a little more. Hence, a better option would be to reduce the water pressure when you feel it is a little too much. If that is not done, it may so happen that the problem is aggravated and you will need to call in a plumber.
Another uncommon cause of a leaking faucet is a broken pipe or fitting. When such a thing happens it is quite common that it develops cracks and the result is that leak develops into the area below the sink, but if the existing cracks causes problem with the water pressure, there are chances that you will experience a dripping faucet.
However, you need to keep one thing in mind that is whenever you are trying to replace a leaking faucet it is mandatory that you turn off the water supply because if that is not done you will end up in a pool of water. Rather, if you are not confident enough it is better that you get in touch with an experienced plumber.
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