Common Causes Of Leaky Water Pipes

Leaky Water Pipes is a problem that is found in most homes. Leaking pipes can result in severe consequences. The most imminent one is loss of water and consequent fat water bills. Research has shown that a typical home can lose 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water per year due to leaks. The other consequence is that when pipes leak within walls or under the foundation of the house, the leaks remain undetected for a length of time. During this phase it causes structural damages to the house. In this article let’s take a look at the top causes of leaks in water pipes-
Deterioration or Shifting:

Every object has a specific lifespan, so is your plumbing fixtures. You may have a very old house. The fixtures have been exiting with the house for quite a long time as well. They may have been repaired from time to time here and there, but a whole replacement may not have taken place. "Any plumbing from the '60s or older is on its last legs," says Howard Max field, a long-time home inspector in the greater Seattle area. The pipes, the drainage etc. have started to deteriorate after prolonged period of use. They begin to rust and leak, and from crevices in numerous places. Besides this house’s foundation also starts to shift. The joints of plumbing become loose, creating water leakage. Although the leaks will cause only few drops of water to ooze out every minute, the loss will be huge in when you calculate the figure for the whole day. Not to mention the water bill.
Moreover most of the old plumbing systems in the house were made of galvanized pipes. These were steel pipes that had a layer of zinc on them. Over the years the zinc erodes and causes harmful lead accumulation at the inside wall of pipes. They also cause change in water pressure and other water quality issue. Sometimes certain portion of old pipes are replaced by modern ones made of copper or plastic. But these partial replacements can cause other issues. For attaching a zinc pipe to a copper pipe, a dielectric coupling is required to avoid corrosion.

Fluctuations in temperature

Most of use likes to take bath in warm water. But there could be some members of the family who prefer cold showers. As a result in most houses both hot and cold water are running through the pipes. This abrupt fluctuation of temperature within the pipes might cause some pipes to burst or crack leading to leakages. In winters the pipes freeze. But when hot water runs through them they expand which lead to formation of crevices. This crevice in time translates into leaks.

Uncontrolled water pressure

If there is some problem with plumbing in the house, then this can lead to unregulated pressure of water flowing through the pipes. This can cause them to crack and burst. Get a pressure regulator installed to prevent this from happening.
Blocked drain pipes

A house has numerous pipes that are installed to remove waste and water from tubs, sinks, and toilets throughout your home. It is not unusual for these pipes to get blocked at times. This happens as a result of a low spot in the pipe or a pipe joint that collects food particles or waste materials as they flow through the pipe. Overtimes the clog grows bigger, gathering more grease, hair, toilet paper, etc., and sits like a bottle-neck in the cross-section of the pipe restricting flow of water. You can use a drain cleaner or a plunger to remove it. You can also call a plumber who may use drain snake to remove it. In case of a serious clog, he may see it through a camera and take the required action. Ignoring the clog can have a house full of leakages.
Imperfect plumbing

Sometimes hiring a bad plumber leads to imperfect installation of fixtures. The joints are not tightened properly. Use of substandard products also causes various problems to surface in the house’s plumbing system. So always take care to hire a licensed and experienced plumber for your house.

However if you detect any water leakage in the house, get it repaired ASAP to prevent costly damage to the house.
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