Bathroom Sink Drain

Did you know what the main purpose of a drain is? The main purpose of a drain is to flush out all the waste water out of the home. Hence, it is obvious that there are a lot of things that passes through the drains. The result is that slow running or blocked drains becomes a common problem for most of the households. The main factors that cause blockage in bathroom drains include hair or other hygiene products that get stuck. When such a thing happens most often people rely on various chemical and cumbersome methods to clear off the drains but the good thing is that there are several non-corrosive and healthier methods as well that can clear off the drain blockage.
Cleaning of bathroom sink drains is an integral aspect of a home maintenance activity. It is necessary to clean bathroom sink drains at regular intervals because without regular cleaning the area gets quite filthy as there is build up of all such things that regularly passes through the drains. At the same time there is mold growth and accumulation of germs near the bathroom sink drains because both germs and mildew love a moist environment. In fact, if the bathroom sink drains are not cleared regularly you will also experience a bad smell along with a bad sight which in turn might cause further health issues.
Expert plumbers are of the opinion that if you make drain cleaning a part of your regular maintenance activity you will be able to stay away from most of the drain clogging issues throughout the year. It needs to be noted here that getting in touch with a plumber for the unclogging of a bathroom sink drain can be a good practice but there are certain things that you can do at home all by yourself to unblock the bathroom sink drains.

First of all you will have to unscrew the drain cover as most of the drain covers thread into the drain. Once that is done, you need to be ready with baking soda, lime juice, and distilled white vinegar. As a first step you will have to dump as much baking soda as possible down the drain. After this you will have to pour adequate distilled white vinegar through the drain. As the vinegar is poured on the baking soda you will see a bubble and fizz. The result is that it will eat away all those things that were clogging the drain. However, after completing this process if you experience any sort of bad smell you can squeeze some lime juice through the drain. Most of the times this method is effective to unclog the bathroom sink drains. But there may be certain instances when you would require assistance from a plumber as well.
Last but not the least, you need to keep in mind that flushing the drains once a week with boiling water is enough to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Hence, like all other aspects of your home taking good care of your plumbing fixtures will ensure that you do not face any messy situation suddenly.
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