Leaking Faucet

Leaking FaucetA dripping faucet is not only irritating because of the constant sound that it makes but also due to the stubborn stain that it leaves in the tub or shower. At the same time, a leaking faucet could be one of the causes of sky high water bills. However, there is no reason to worry much if you have a leaking faucet. This is because they are some easy fixes that can be accomplished even without the help of a plumber. But in order to fix a leaking faucet it is important that you are aware of the causes of a leaking faucet. Thus, let us have a look at some of the common causes of a drippi ..More

What Should Not Be Thrown Down The Drains

What Should Not Be Thrown Down The Drains?When you throw something in your household drains, you don’t think about them again. But these can invite lots of problems in your household pipes, septic systems as well as municipal sewer lines. And when these find their way into your lakes, rivers, and oceans they can cause irretrievable damage to the marine ecosystem and their inhabitants. Here are a few things that you should never throw into the drains- • Debris such as sand, mud, slit, gravel • Cat litter and seashells • Caustic ch ..More

When To Replace Kitchen Cabinets

When To Replace Kitchen Cabinets?The kitchen cabinets will become worn and broken in due course of time. They like every other object have a definite life span. So they would need to be replaced in such conditions. Let’s take a look at those conditions when replacement is the only option and repair will not do- • When the cabinets are affected by water, fire, mold, or pests, it is time to replace them. You may see wood starting to warp. The cabinets will bubble both inside and outside. Outside surface of the cabinet would also start delaminating. You may ..More

Unclog A Toilet

Unclog A ToiletThere is no denying the fact that there are only a few things as irritating as an overflowing toilet. When you have a clogged toilet it can ruin the floor, ruin the toilet, and also ruin your entire day. Hence, you need to be careful. However, when you experience a clogged toilet, there is not much reason to worry because it can be corrected with a few simple methods. In fact, most of the times the cause of a clogged toilet is either toilet paper or normal toilet fare building up over time. Some of the ways in which you can unclog a toilet includes the following:


Commonly Found Problems In Kitchen Faucets

Commonly Found Problems In Kitchen FaucetsKitchens are called the heart of the house. It is here that whole family get together to after a toiling day to have supper together. A kitchen should therefore render the appropriate ambience to allow the member of family to relax and have their food comfortably. A leaky faucet in the kitchen is a very common problem. Not only you lose gallons of water every day, but the sound of dripping water from the faucet is very irritating. Here are the common problems seen in kitchen faucets - Leaks T ..More

Common Causes Of Leaky Water Pipes

Common Causes Of Leaky Water PipesLeaky Water Pipes is a problem that is found in most homes. Leaking pipes can result in severe consequences. The most imminent one is loss of water and consequent fat water bills. Research has shown that a typical home can lose 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water per year due to leaks. The other consequence is that when pipes leak within walls or under the foundation of the house, the leaks remain undetected for a length of time. During this phase it causes structural damages to the house. In this article let’s take a look at the top causes of leaks in water pipes- ..More

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