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Why is plumbing important to human civilization?

The modern system of water mains and sewers did not evolve over a day. The system was present in some from in the ancient civilizations of India, China, Europe, Central America, and the Middle East. In fact the plumbing system reached its zenith in ancient Rome, where you could see aqueducts that brought water into individual homes. There were underground sewers to carry wastewater away. All this shows that such plumbing system has been indispensable for the human race to reside in success. A good plumbing system ensures health and hygiene of the people residing in the locality. Moreover the future of water sustainability cannot be achieved without finding a safe plumbing and water efficiency solutions.

Who are the plumbing technicians?

When it comes to plumbing, the role of the plumbing technician cannot be denied. Most of us have a very old and stereotyped idea about a plumber. We perceive them as people clad in low-rise pants and workman caps with pliers in hand replacing or repairing pipes in kitchens or bathrooms. Although modern plumbers have much to do with piping systems, their roles expand much beyond this. A modern plumber manages wastewater disposal and the water distribution units. They work on gas pipes, vents, irrigation and chemical systems. Licensed plumbers may wear the cap of gas fitters and can also install customized systems such as water treatment, medical gas, and compressed air and fuel delivery systems. They are often hired to install pumps, remodel bathrooms and kitchens, and undertake such other jobs. They are licensed technicians who can read blue prints and are acquainted with building codes. They use computers in designing systems as well as preparing estimates. 


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